U.S. Type Set List & Tracker

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Describe the features of the U.S. Type Set Collection List and Tracker developed by the coin guys, why we developed, and where you can download it for free.

Do you have a persistent itch? The kind that’s always there no matter how long or hard you itch for? I do and its on my left foot. But I also embrace it because I basically have a spot I can itch, on-demand, and get that amazing satisfying sensation that comes along with a good scratch. But there’s also those itches that no matter what, don’t seem to provide that satisfying sensation, regardless of how long or how hard you itch. That’s the type of itch I was dealing with when trying to find a resource for tracking my U.S. Type Set collection.

If you read the story behind why I got into collecting coins and numismatics, you’ll recall that one of the goals I’m striving towards is putting together a complete U.S. Type Set (you can read my story by clicking on this link). I felt a rush of excitement, nervousness, and a sense of overwhelm when I first decided to take this challenge on. The excitement and nervousness were both easy feelings to understand as one was brought on by sheer excitement, while the latter was simply due to the financial commitment I knew this would entail (and not just for the coins – doesn’t it seem to always go over easier when you bring something home for the wife after making a significant coin purchase?!?!?). The overwhelm was a bit more puzzling to understand as I had many resources available to me, both within my personal coin library and through online resources. Yet after going through them researching everything I could regarding building a U.S. Type Set, something still seemed to be missing and that feeling persisted. It wasn’t until I started adding coins to my type set collection that I realized what was causing the sense of overwhelm…tracking it. So I took to Google, looking for a file to help organize and track my U.S. Type Set collection.

I found several resources, including the PCGS Set Registry, yet all of them were flawed in helping a collector track their progress for several reasons. Nothing I found was personalized whereby a collector could input their information and that also contained certain information about each coin type. The key features I was looking for included:

  • Each coin needed, broken down by denomination, then year and type
  • Number of coins needed within each denomination and in total to complete set
  • Composition and weight (g)
  • Tracking system whereby you could add who the coin was obtained from, the date, the grade and grading company (if applicable), cost, and current value

Since all the resources lacked one or several of these features, I decided it was time to scratch my own itch! Thus, the coin guys unique and collector focused U.S. Type Set Collection Tracker (which you can get for free by clicking on this link), was developed. This file includes all the features noted above with the ability to easily input and track key information about each coin in your collection, totals for the entire collection cost and current values, and the ability to easily print copies to keep with the coins, whether you keep them in a safe deposit box or other offsite storage location. I came across several online sites that offered an account whereby you could input and track your collection on their website, however I wanted to keep an easy to understand print-out with the coins for my family in the event they would need it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 6.46.15 AM

Example of how we laid out the file and provided information for each collector to input.

So after many hours and several days of initial online search, then in creating the file, I was able to feel that incredible sensation that comes along with satisfying an itch. the coin guys are excited to share our U.S. Type Set Collection Tracker with you, so grab your free copy here!