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U.S. Coins Type Set List & Tracker

Are you looking for a way to organize and keep track of your type set collection? Or are you trying to figure out which coins comprise a type set collection? Either answer, you have to get a copy of our U.S. Coins Type Set List & Tracker! The tracker contains a total of 165 coins, which you can tailor based on the specific type set you are putting together. The file is organized by denomination, indicating how many of each denomination would be required to complete the set. It also provides details on the year or range of years for each coin, type, composition, and weight (g). For each coin, there is space provided to indicate how the coin was acquired, the date is was acquired on, grade if applicable, grading service if applicable, cost, and estimated value. This is a great way to keep your type set collection organized, as well as a safeguard to ensure that should something happen to you, a family member or friend doesn’t get ripped off should they look to sell the collection. Why not check it out, it’s FREE!

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