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Hey there fellow coin enthusiasts, hobbyists, collectors, investors, and numismatists! Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you know that its not just about the coins. Building relationships and learning about others journey’s, stories, and collections is also part of what makes the hobby so great.



Silver U.S. coins

Large Cents

Favorite Coin in Collection:

1916 Standing Liberty Quarter

Rick is a retired ‘guy’ who has rediscovered the enjoyment of coin collecting in the past few years. Having a small collection as a kid, he has a new found appreciation of coins, both in their history and potential investment value. He is always looking to buy and sell interesting coins while meeting new people in the numismatic community. Rick is a member of the Garden State Coin Club in Southern NJ.




U.S. type set (1792 – Date)

Lebanon type set (1919 – Date)

Silver U.S. coins

Favorite Coin in Collection:

1802 Draped Bust Half Cent

It all started with a crayon box. You know the ones, made out of plastic, would snap shut, and had a label on the front with your name to protect your stash of crayons from wandering fingers. Jeff, the other ‘guy’, used that as his first coin box and still has it to this day. While Jeff has upgraded the storage for his coins, he still is fascinated by the history and story each coin, and collector, has to tell. He enjoys learning as much as he can, helping others in their journey, collecting, buying, and selling coins. He has also recently been getting into world coins. Jeff is a member of the Garden State Coin Club in Southern NJ, the Garden State Numismatic Association, and the American Numismatic Association.

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